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Dear Future Wife (Part 2)

Dear Future Wife,
I want to wake up before you and make coffee for you. Yes, every day. I will bring the coffee on our bed, wake you up with a morning kiss on your forehead. Well, you know me. I won’t stop there. I will kiss your cheeks, your eyes, your lips and give a peck on the neck. I will try to stop myself for a moment, while you finish your coffee. I want to hug you from behind and keep kissing you, kiss your neck, bite you gently, while you make breakfast for us. I want to feel the warmth of your skin in this cold morning. We both know we are hungry, but for love. I will caress your hair, keep my arms around your waist, slowly slithering my hands inside the t-shirt (you wear my t-shirt every night), trying to feel your navel. You know how much I love your navel. :* The breakfast’s almost done. I turn off the stove. I turn you around. I kiss your neck, your cheeks, kiss your lips. It’s been just an hour since we kissed. But I will kiss you like it has been ages since we last…

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