Graphic Designers’ Meet 2013 #Nepal

The contents below are the points noted down by me at the presentation. I don’t take any credit for any of them. There might have been little changes made because I might not have got time to not everything. If I have misinterpreted or noted them wrong, I am extremely sorry and please let me know so that I can edit them.
ME :)

27th April, 2013
Graphic Designers’ Meet 2013
Co-organised by Startup Weekend(Kathmandu)

1.    Brand Identity and Logo Development - Ngodup Dorjee Lama
a.    What is a Logo?
-Logo history
         - started as pictures on caves of walls to show expressions\

 “A logo is an extension of who you are or what you do.” – Steven Heller

b.    Usage
·         visiting cards
·         letterheads
·         websites
·         brochures
·         banners
·         products
·         Services etc.

c.    Types of Logos
·         Wordmark/Typhography

·         Iconic/Symbolic

·         Combination mark

d.    How a (good) Logo should be?

·         Simple
e.g. American Airlines logo evolution

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Steve Jobs

·         Well drawn
Important to doodle/sketch

·         Memorable

·         Visible in every form – even in 16 x 16 px


e.    Design Process
e.g Grazia logo
·         Company background study
·         Looking for inspiration
·         Brainstorming/ Mindmapping

2.    Font Development Process - Ananda Maharjan

The session by Ananda Maharjan was more practical than theoretical. He showed us how font development is done by doing rather than just telling. So, I don’t have any points noted down. If I happen to make a video or a tutorial, I will be sharing it.
 -Session on Font Lab Studio and Adobe Illustrator
It was an informative session. Yes! You missed it.

3.    Graphic Design for Web – Swapnil Acharya
-       Beautiful
-       Easy is good
-       Inviting

·         Print vs. web
-       Interactivity
-       Responsiveness
-       Amendment
-       Color
-       Image format
-       Resolution

·         Utility of design
-       What to design?
-       Who to design for?
-       How to make it work?

·         Tendency of USERS
-       What users look for?
-       Obviousness of design
-       User taking things for granted
-       Giving user driver’s seat

·         Speaking visual language
-       Organized
-       Economical
-       Communicative

·         Aesthetics
-       Beautiful
-       Engaging


·         What makes a great website design (graphically)?
-       Responsiveness
-       Choice of colors
-       Typography
-       Interactivity
-       Photography
-       Whitespace
-       Mobile and other devices
-       SKEUMORPHISM?? (what’s that?? -> Google it :p)

·         How to do it?
-       Think like no other. ;)

4.    USER? – Ankur Sharma
(Proud to have been his student. He knows how to teach for sure.)
·         Who is a user?
-       U?
-       US?
-       People who USE?
·         Walk in user’s shoe!

·         Process
§  PRE
-       Customer survey
-       Ethnography (Google it)
-       Requirement Analysis


-       Usability test
-       Ask feedback

5.    Creative Direction; Creativity with CHAOS! – Bidhan Rajbhandari
(One of the funniest, entertaining and guffadi guy I have ever met. But besides being a guffadi, an immensely talented man. I am sure all those who attended the event will agree to that. J )

·         Chaos?
-       Confusion
-       Clutter
There is still empty space, fill it

·         Culture?

·         Client
-       God of creativity
-       Master of puppets
-       Just do what I say!
-       Give more options
-       Doesn’t share info much
-       Kill them all with one bullet
-       When do you want it? -> I want it yesterday- WTF?
-       Dr. Deadline

·         Budget

·         Presentation or Present Tension

“A negative comment can kill a dream.”

·         Know to say NO
·         Chaos is inevitable
·         Challenge and create
·         P’s of Creativity
-       Passion
-       Patience
-       Performance
-       Purpose
-       Process
§  Set a vision and focus
§  Collect
§  Manage
§  Position

6.    Advertising & market - Santosh Shrestha
(Had to be off, so no notes on these. I only have one.)

·         If there is no money involved, it is not ADVERTISEMENT. It is still promotion, but another technique of promotion

I had fun, I learnt a lot, felt the feeling of creativeness. Despite being a first ever event, it went well. I would be very happy to be a part of more such events. Thanks to the organizers.

PS: I had the healthiest food of my life; boiled vegetables, boiled chowmein (didn’t get a taste of spice at all), boiled chicken. It was tasty though. :)

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